The Structure of Being Dead

© Kate Mayfield 2002



1. General Introduction                                                                                     A

2. Introduction 2: The Quivering                                                                        A


Past Backwards (B)         Past Forwards Past (C) Past Forwards Future (D)


3.  3:50 pm, just after the murder                                                                                                                         B     

4.                                             Celice and Joseph meet at the Field house.                                C  

5.  3:10 pm, the murder                                                                                                        B

6.                                                                                 The bodies are discovered by a Beetle       D

                                                                                                                (Celice’s lecture on realities of life)

7.                                             Celice first hears Joseph sing.                                                                C

8.  2.20 pm, lovemaking in the dunes                                                                                                                   B

9.                                                                                 More body decay (death of mentor,         D

                                                                                    nature superstition and folklore)

10.                                           First morning of study week, Joseph spies on Celice                         C

11. 1:20 pm, hiking on the dunes                                                                                           B

12.                                                                               Bodies Thursday, secretary tries to            D

 phone, Syl contacted, leaves for home     

13.                                                                               Friday, decay (Mondazy’s Fish)                 D

14.                                           The fire and Festa is killed                                                                                  C

15.                                                                               Syl arrives home, searches house              D

16.                                                                               Syl in house, morning, goes to the police  D

17.                                           Birdie checks beach to find everyone                                                   C

18.                                                                               Syl visits morgue                                           D

19.  Noon, visit the site of the house                                                                                                                  B

20.                                                                               Syl goes to see bodies on beach               D

21.  7:05 am, Joseph awake, wants sex                                                                                                               B

22.                                           Joseph and Celice have sex in the dunes                                             C   

23.                                                                               Syl walks home, night at home                  D

24.                                                                               The bodies are removed                             D

25.  6:00 am, Joseph and Celice lie asleep in bed                                                                                             B


26.  And the earth continues                                                                                         A