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Karen Templer and friends have created a superb online resource for readers at www.Readerville.com. There are currently five Jim Crace discussions:

1. Jim Crace in Readerville | 07.03.00-07.07.00 http://www.readerville.com/WebX?13@@.ee6baea/

Jimís roller coaster discussion of the novel Being Dead, as well as his garden, his thoughts on religion and consumerism, his musings about the internet and its effect on his daily life and, of course, slugs. From July 7 this will switch to read-only. It will be around for all time for anyone to read, but nobody will be able to post to it once itís wrapped up. The entire week-long discussion is well worth reading, but to go straight to the preview from Craceís next book The Devilís Larder, click here.

2. Being Dead by Jim Crace http://www.readerville.com/WebX?13@@.ee6bae8/

Ongoing discussion of the novel.

3. Quarantine by Jim Crace http://www.readerville.com/WebX?14@40.gpQ3aFkCaDW^19@.ee6bd54/0

4. Amazing Crace: the quote thread http://www.readerville.com/WebX?13@@.ee6bccf/

A growing catalogue of outstanding passages from Jimís work.

5. Crace watch: the resource thread http://www.readerville.com/WebX?13@40.gpQ3aFkCaDW^21@.ee6c1af/

An annotated set of links to Crace resources.